Your session / Prices

During the first free session, we will define what are your expectations and how sophrology can help you. 

In a seated position with your eyes closed, I guide you with my voice for a 20/30 minutes session. An oral or written feedback of your experience will complete this discovery session. An estimate of the number of sessions will then be determined.

All sessions (besides the discovery one) follow the same cycle:  

Starting Point : We discuss your current situation, your experience, your thoughts and emotions since the last session.

Practice : In a seated or standing position, eyes closed, I guide you with my voice.

Feedback : It is time for the phenomenon description, oral, written or even drawings to express what you have felt physically.

Recording : The practice session is recorded on a usb key for your daily training.

Training : To repeat as often as possible between two sessions will improve  your progress.


Individual session : 60€

Group session minimum 4 persons : 10€/pp